GergoPlex keyboard by g Heavy Industries


Once you get into the world of custom mechanical keyboards, then you’ll eventually run into keyboards with what looks like an impossibly small number of keys:

Custom ortholinear keyboard by u/ImportedGuy from r/mk

If you’re a person who types on a keyboard for most of the day, then you may have come across the world of custom keyboard enthusiasts. One notable keyboard community is Reddit’s mechanical keyboards subreddit, where you’ll find a dizzying array of…

Featured courses from Actualize First Class:

Just wanted to announce Actualize First Class, the new video course platform from Actualize coding bootcamp! These courses will cover topics for developers at every experience level, from beginners at the very start of their developer journey (macOS for developers), to seasoned developers looking to deepen their understanding of specific technologies (OAuth 2.0 Deconstructed).

Right now courses include video versions of some of my most widely shared articles, Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs and Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs. There will be more courses to come, you can follow me on Twitter @peterxjang for any updates!

Out of the three main frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), HTML has remained the most consistent. If your only concern was creating content, an HTML document from the 1990s would look pretty similar to one created in 2018:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">…

It’s been a while since I wrote about using an iPad as a laptop replacement. Since then iOS 11 was released, which introduced completely new multitasking capabilities, bringing iPads even closer to having a full computing experience.

In order to open two apps simultaneously on an iPad in iOS 11…

Images from Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North

CSS is strangely considered both one of the easiest and one of the hardest languages to learn as a web developer. It’s certainly easy enough to get started with it — you define style properties and values to apply to specific elements, and…that’s pretty much all you need to get…

Let’s say you’re in a situation where you want to create a quick prototype frontend for a web application, something you would throw together in a couple of hours. In this scenario it might be overkill to use a modern build process with a component-based frontend architecture. One good combo…

Let’s say you’re using vim to edit code on a remote computer using ssh, and you want to open a new terminal tab to start a development server. When you open a new tab, it won’t be connected to the remote machine, which means you would have to ssh and…

Images from Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North

Learning modern JavaScript is tough if you haven’t been there since the beginning. The ecosystem is growing and changing so rapidly that it’s hard to understand the problems that different tools are trying to solve. I started programming in 1998 but only began to learn JavaScript seriously in 2014. …

Vim with custom color scheme, syntax highlighting, linting, and autocomplete

Vim is a command line text editor that is notorious for being hard to learn (the running joke is to generate a truly random string, put a web developer in front of Vim and tell them to exit). So why bother learning it, especially if you’re already comfortable with your…

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